Who We Are

We are everyday regular people whose profession is all about helping others! We are passionate about teaching financial education in a way that is easy to understand and apply to your life. No matter what the financial goals, issues, concerns or problems, we can help!

EVE Financial Services was founded by Paula (Atkinson) Reed who at the age of 25 had some very uncommon questions regarding money and how it worked. These questions, little did she know would lead her on a journey and path to find the answers. Fifteen years later not only would she have found the answers to her questions, she would also share what she learned with others, become financially independent and debt free.

Paula developed such a passion for helping and teaching others that she became a Certified Financial Education Instructor and

EVE Financial Services “Expect Victory Everyday" was born with a MISSION to:

help individuals, families, and businesses by educating them in the area of financial literacy as well as services that add value to their lives allowing them to build a better financial future.


We invite you to contact us. We consider it an honor and privilege to serve you. Our promise to you is…